TAU Medical Supplies


Tau Medical Supplies was formed in 2000 and is now well established as a competitive and well-respected provider of specialised surgical products to the private and public sector in South Africa.

  • Cell Saving

  • Autotransfusion systems

  • Orthopaedic implants

  • Oxygenators

  • Customised Tubing packs

  • Surgical Drapes

  • Silicone Thoracic Catheters

  • Aortic Punch

  • Surgical Instruments

  • ECMO

  • Sutures

  • Heart Hugger – Sternum Support Harness

  • Cannulae

  • Hemoconcentrator

  • Liga Clips 

  • Cardiac Flow Meter


The suppliers to Tau are world leaders in their respective fields.  Tau has negotiated a number of non-competing agreements with suppliers in US, France, Germany, Belgium, Korea, Israel, Denmark and Italy and have been distributing their products in South Africa for the past nineteen years. 


Tau is continuously sourcing and negotiating additional agencies.


We believe there are very strong prospects to raise the profile, sales and distribution of the Tau product range in South Africa.   


Historically our growth has outpaced our forecasts. We are well structured to increase our distribution and forecast rapid growth in market share.


South African Market


Tau Medical sells to all hospital groups as well as the independent hospitals.

In the Government sector, Tau has secured positions in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal.

Our products are used by THE LEADING surgeons in their respective fields.

Our contact details are:


Tau Medical Supplies CC

P.O. Box 1803



South Africa


Telephone:   + 27 11 728 4740

Mobile:         +27 82 309 1626

Attention:     Evette Le Roux

Email:            evette@taumed.co.za