Michael-Alice Moga

Paediatric Cardiac Intensivist

Dr Michael-Alice Moga is a pediatric cardiac intensivist at the Hospital for Sick Children and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada. She has additional expertise in healthcare quality, safety, and systems design and specialises in the use of innovative techniques, including translational simulation, to optimise human performance within complex systems.

Dr Moga is the director of Resuscitation and ECLS Education in the Departmental of Critical Care and operational lead for Clinical Data Registries in the Labatt Family Heart Center. She is co-chair of the Hospital M&M Committee and PCICS Quality and Safety Committee.

Dr Moga received her undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University and medical degree from Mayo Medical School. She completed clinical training in paediatrics (Massachusetts General Hospital), pediatric cardiology (Cincinnati Children’s) and pediatric critical care (The Hospital for Sick Children) and holds a Masters in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety from Northwestern University.