Ahmed Rabie


Dr Ahmed Rabie is considered a pioneer in the field of EXTRACORPOREAL LIFE SUPPORT in Saudi Arabia, ECMO program Co-director & Head of ECMO retrieval team. He and his team have been building up the ECMO program at the Prince Mohamed bin Abdelaziz tertiary hospital. Since 2014 shifted to be one of the expert high volume centres, with more than 30 cases per year, in Saudi Arabia, providing unique ECMO Ground/Air transportation in Saudi Arabia with more than 50 cases successfully retrieved to his centre.

With a focus on the program quality, the centre was able to achieve the Gold Level of excellence which was awarded in 2018 by Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation (ELSO) at the EuroELSO conference in Barcelona. His primary interest is education and skills. He is the course director of ECMO Bit by Bit course and SAUDI ECMO conference co-director with a special interest in ECMO transportation and prolonged ECMO

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